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Mighty mighty at destroyer.net
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Since were all on the subject my favorite albums in order of preference are
Actual Sounds & Voices (I think this album has a distinct sound/darkness not
found on any of the other albums), Peel Sessions, and Subliminal Sandwich.

I really havent had time to fully enjoy/zone out etc on the new album
however, I have been a touch disappointed with the past couple releases as
not being "evil" sounding enough for my liking. That sounds pretty cheesy I
know but im a pretty big dork.  :)

On 4/24/08 6:39 AM, "w.wonka0 at cox.net" <w.wonka0 at cox.net> wrote:

> Well, I guess I'm gonna have to be the voice of dissent, here. I've been a
> diehard MBM fan since one of my friends turned me on to Storm the Studio in
> '87 or '88, and while I loved the pre-Subliminal Sandwich stuff, I've loved a
> lot of the post-, too. MBM is still my favorite band, and I really appreciate
> the way Jack is constantly stomping into new ground. I also find my tastes
> have matured, and I'm receptive to music I wouldn't have listened to when I
> was younger, so I've felt I kinda' grew with Jack. Actual Sounds and Voices is
> one of my favorite albums, and I play the hell outta' In Dub, Loudness
> Clarifies, Free Piece Suite, I really dug At the Center for all the jazz
> crossover, and Autoimmune absolutely kills. Keep doing what you do, Jack. I'll
> buy one.
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>> I too slagged off after SubSan - however the Tino
>> releases kept me firmly in the Jack Dangers universe.
>> I love that stuff as much as any old skool MBM
>> releases
>>> ----------------------------------------
>>> From: denial at ix.netcom.com
>>> To: zombies at hollyfeld.org
>>> Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2008 13:15:22 -0700
>>> Subject: [Zombies] I have a confession...
>>> I've been on this list since the beginning.. what is
>> that, around ten
>>  years now?
>>> Needless to say i'm a big fan and have been since
>> the second i heard
>>  God OD over fifteen years ago..
>>> I've disliked (some i've even hated..) every release
>> from MBM that
>>  came after Subliminal Sandwich, i
>>> just couldn't get into it, and with every release it
>> got worse.. yet
>>  i continued to purchase
>>> everything from the vinyl to the DVDs to the shirts
>> and even went to
>>  a few shows during that 10 year
>>> period between AS&V and now.
>>> And last week i got Autoimmune.. i'm speechless,
>> this is the MBM i
>>  loved, and i'm finally reminded
>>> of why i stayed on this list and continued to
>> support Jack Dangers.
>>   This is the record that should
>>> have followed SS for me..
>>> Regardless, long story short, in my mind Meat Beat Manifesto
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