[Zombies] MBM 2000 Eight results...

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Sun Apr 13 13:24:22 PDT 2008

MBM @ El Rey 4/12 results...

Wow.. MBM does it again! An excellent showcase of old and new classics with
beats, bass and distortion slamming wall to wall... i will upload some
pictures later today or this week.

Here's what i can recall for a set-list (i missed the first two cuts walking
in late), in no particular order:

-- Return To Bass
-- Edge Of No Control
-- Less
-- Radio Babylon
-- Horn of Jericho (?)
-- Helter Skelter ('97?)
-- 62 Dub (with a new twist)
-- Hellfire
-- Book of Shadows
-- Nuclear Bomb
-- ending of Brainwashed This Way / Zombie / That Shirt
-- Spinning Round
-- Super Soul
-- Lonely Soldier
-- God O.D.
-- 3 or 4 tracks unknown
-- DHS' House of God
-- Tino's drums

DId i miss any? They played for about 2hrs! I really was hoping to hear
"Solid Waste" though!

ps: Super Zombie Trooper Dolly made it to the show!

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