[Zombies] So...?

JJTar tarjason at msu.edu
Wed Apr 9 07:46:36 PDT 2008

>  It's enough to drive a man crazy!

Exactly, and I'd like to know why.  I mean, MBM isn't some new act that is 
powerless to the whims of label execs....  Instead, they are some 20+ year 
vets that should be able to have control over how their work is released. 
You'd think that would mean they'd set the artwork and tracklisting, and 
release it as such.  This "add on an extra track to bring in more repeat 
sales" is a bit amateur-ish, I think.  I am curious how it all occured. 
(Did Jack really not care how the final product was released?  If not, that 
seems kind of sad and if so, then which is the "jack-approved" 

Thank goodness for things like Bleep, sure will make this easier to hear/get 
all tracks, but it shouldn't have been an issue in the first place....
(As for Pietro's suggestion of buy 'em all like they were Pokemon cards, 
perhaps when I was younger and had more discretionary income, but those days 
are pretty far back.  Now their is child care and retirement and college 
funds and mortgages and and and ... yep.)


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