[Zombies] So...?

Larry Roscoe lroscoe at mcw.edu
Tue Apr 8 15:55:53 PDT 2008

Good info. In addition to the different timings do you know if the mixes are
any different compared to the identically timed tracks on the US version? 

The completist in me wants to have it all and if I knew that the mixes were
different I'd just bite the bullet and get the whole UK release rather than
just the differently timed tracks.

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On Tue, Apr 8, 2008 at 4:48 AM, bitesize <bitesize.beats at gmail.com> wrote:
>   we're all waiting for the US version to arrive cos it's got more tracks
> ;-)
>   i am gonna be downloading the UK only extra tracks from bleep tonight
> http://www.bleep.com/ - it's on the front page, 320k mp3, drm-free,

you can also get it in FLAC.  now how lovely is that?

one thing i noticed is that many of the tracks that are on both US and
UK editions have different timings.  for example "Less" - the US
version is 5:16, the UK is 7:11.  The extra two minutes are mostly
ambient.  Conversely, the US version of Spanish Vocoder has an extra 2
minutes of ambient noodling that the UK version doesn't.  It's enough
to drive a man crazy!

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