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Larry Roscoe lroscoe at mcw.edu
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While it is nice that they offer a FLAC option, it is irritating that you
can only buy the FLAC versions as one download of the whole release. I only
want to purchase the extra/different UK tracks.  



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  we're all waiting for the US version to arrive cos it's got more tracks


  i am gonna be downloading the UK only extra tracks from bleep tonight tho:
http://www.bleep.com/ - it's on the front page, 320k mp3, drm-free, lovely.


On 08/04/2008, JJTar <tarjason at msu.edu> wrote: 

I know the new album is out in Europe... And Europe is many hours ahead of
the US... So why the lack of discussion?
Hoping I can find a copy tomorrow. Bummed that I have yet to find Baby Loves
Hip Hop locally.  (A kid friendly hip hop CD by Prince Paul?  You gotta love
that...'specially if you are a Kindergarten teacher like I.)

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