[Zombies] Music for Planetarium - limited alternate color zombies special.

Jon Whitney turbid at gmail.com
Mon Apr 7 22:45:09 PDT 2008


There was an overrun of 45 CDs so Interrobang made 45 additional
covers of a different color.

They're a mustard yellow, which was the only stock he had, and the
text isn't that easy to read.

As you Zombies were very supportive of this release, I'm letting you
know first so you get your first crack at these:

If you ordered one and would like to get a mustard yellow version,
email me privately off-list and request that I switch yours.  I will
be mailing them out tomorrow.  If you already bought one and want to
buy a second one, please put that in the notes when you purchase at
http://brainwashed.com/commerce.html - I don't believe in charging
people a different rate for these.  Any remaining will probably go on
ebay as store stock so I don't oversell them.

You can see actual scan of the original here:

and the alternate:

thanks for reading

can't wait to get them all to you!!!

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