[Zombies] Re: Zombies Digest, Vol 57, Issue 3

w.wonka0 at cox.net w.wonka0 at cox.net
Fri Oct 26 01:32:08 PDT 2007

Mike Wennmacher wrote:
> Since the list has been dead...
 Yeah, it's been pretty damn quiet. So who has any news? I thought the new MBM was finished around the first  of the year and supposed to be out by the summer, but there's neither hide nor hair. And how about Tino Corp? I listen to that whole catalog almost every night at work, but when's something new gonna' happen? If nothing's ready yet, I'll wait, but c'mon guys, give me some idea of how long, huh? I listen to an enormous amount of electronic and industrial music, but there's very little that even compares. Jack, I'm missing ya'!

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