[Zombies] New Album...

JJTar tarjason at msu.edu
Fri Nov 30 18:28:48 PST 2007

But wouldn't that (MBM being the most veteran group) be true of almost any 
label Jack signed with?  What is with all this Planet Mu hate?  I mean, 
considering them a step below Cleopatra is just harsh.  (Is that operation 
still around...one could hope not.)

Planet Mu is an artist run label (a respectable artist at that) with a 
fairly decent roster.  Are we forgetting that Neil Landstrumm and Luke 
Vibert are on there?  (Though my faves from the label are Horse Opera, 
Shitmat, and Jansky Noise/Speedranch.)  Plus they have sellers like Venetian 
Snares and MRK1/Virus Syndicate.  Their releases get heavily hyped by 
Boomkat, Norman Records, Ad Noiseum, etc...  That will mean more sales, 
which is a good thing...no?  Plus their releases get good distribution even 
in the states.

Only better label I could think of off hand would have been Ninjatune, but 
even they have less distribution.

Having self-released something once, and seeing how impossible distributors 
are to deal with (the whole idea that they only pay AFTER they sell the 
items...and even then only after many many requests is quite horrific), I 
certainly think a label is a great route.  (Unless you want MBM's whole 
spare time spent trying to recover costs instead of making music....)


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