[Zombies] New website and release....

Brian Conner nyquist74722 at hotmail.com
Wed May 30 10:58:20 PDT 2007

Well, I found something while re-watching my Tino Vision DVD that somewhat 
answers my questions.
There's a spot called "Trailers" and the first thing is the Surround Sound 
Works 5.1 DVD Volume 1.
It shows many tracks along the left - ambiences more or less - cool sounding 
"pulse pad" and other sounds in 5.1 surround. There may or may not be 
"songs" per se, but it is cool as hell none the less.
By the way - the 5.1 song mix on that Tino Vision is not to be missed - 
tempo adjusted tunes to make it work - one track off the Eccentric Objects 
EP works well sped up etc...

Gotta Love 5.1.....especially in the car!

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>Date: Tue, 22 May 2007 11:13:25 -0400
>Can't make it to that show. :(
>I was curious about the Surround DVD. It seems as though it's a 
>"collection" of stuff already out between the Tino Vision DVD and the RUOK 
>5.1 disc...I wonder if there's "new" material.
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>>Subject: [Zombies] New website and release....
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>>I am surprised no one mentioned that the Perrenial Divide 2CD is finally 
>>out, as is the surround sound DVD.
>>Any one going to see MBM in Detroit this weekend?
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