[Zombies] New compilation / questions

JJTar tarjason at msu.edu
Sun May 27 11:53:57 PDT 2007

> Look at http://brainwashed.com/bark to see what's in the works - some
> people on this list might be interested.
Yeah, Greater Than One re-issues!  I used to love my "I Don't Need 
God/Utopia" tape, but now I no longer have a tape player.  Looking quite 
forward to that!

Plus do see what you can do about convincing Jack to re-issue vocal version 
of Purge.  (...and "Wall to Wall").  Did rather hope for that.  Guess I 
didn't read close enough about the new release when I ordered...just saw 
"Perrenial Divide" and got all excited.

(And if you could do anything about getting "Finely Honed Machine" by Foetus 
on CD....well, one can hope.)


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