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Brian Conner nyquist74722 at hotmail.com
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Sweet - thanks!

If I may...One more.The real pride and joy is in this song I made called 
I quickly hit record on my cassette one late night to capture this guy on 
the radio interviewing some dude who wrote a 12 step program to help people 
get OFF drugs.
Well, it turned out so funny to me to take the samples and remove any 
reference to getting off the drugs, and twisting it into a PRO drug 
campaign. Added some beats, next thing I know, there's a song that starts 
off "I recommend that you get into drugs...to help solve problems..." etc.


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>That's pretty amazing, man, I love it.
>Brian Conner <nyquist74722 at hotmail.com> wrote: Well, there are some things 
>that certain people can appreciate while others
>may just not get-it. Zombies fall into the former catagory when it comes to
>technical/musical/nit-picky/electronic/polyrhythmic kinda stuff, while some
>hum-drum stuck-in-the-80's-AC/DC fans I work with...just don't get it.
>So I share with my friends who understand. I had nothing better to do for 
>hour (yeah right) so I threw every sound in a Windows 98 media folder into
>Cubase, grabbed some bassline and a shuffly feel beat, mixed it together,
>sliced, diced, chopped, copy cut pasted...and saved the file called
>Enjoy...because I know you guys can.
>It's here:
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