[Zombies] Tino Corp's Surround Sound Works DVD opinions

Brian Conner nyquist74722 at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 23 16:50:12 PDT 2007

It certainly utilizes the spatial arena 5.1 gives you...and in days of old, 
I might "bug out to it" pretty hard laying around late night. It's like 
being fully enveloped in a hammock of pink and purple clouds, cradled in 
soothing soundscapes washing over you and over you.....and over and over and 
So it holds true to it's name, they are works in Surround Sound, it's just 
not chock-full o' variety, that's all. There's even a possibility to pick 
out which tracks are Jack's and Ben's - their style is in there ...but you 
have to listen really deeply into the clouds.
Maybe my unenthusiastic response if compounded by my let-down feeling I had 
after Travelogue.
Oh Well, I now have bookends for my MBM stuff.

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>I have to agree with Brian on this one, it has a similar style all the
>way through.. i'm glad to have purchased the DVD for the simple fact
>of it being 'MBM' related.. and although i can't fully appreciate the
>5.1 surround (yet), the concept is great and i'm looking forward to
>setting up our place to fully grasp its true function.
>On 7/23/07, Brian Conner <nyquist74722 at hotmail.com> wrote:
>>So......did anyone else get this yet?
>>I have to say, I was fully expecting some ambient tracks....but not ALL!
>>Man, I really could have gone for some beats. I was expecting some
>>Subliminal Sandwich spacey stuff - with percussive elements though to keep
>>some interest. Perhaps I haven't become seasoned enough yet to enjoy an 
>>straight of atmosphere with blips. Maybe I shouldn't have preconceived the
>>content to be Meat "BEAT" Manifesto-production.
>>Now, I dare not criticize because there's no doubt what's on the disc is
>>artistic. I have total respect for the work. I can not deny however that
>>it's just not my cup of tea. That's just my personal feeling. There are
>>"ambiences" on the Tino Vision DVD which are a short loop of a few minutes
>>each, and the visuals fill in the void of percussive motion. The SSW 5.1
>>disc has the same visual scene the entire time, which again is fine, but I
>>found myself looking for "something else" once the music lost me, and 
>>was nothing else. Nothing went anywhere. Maybe it's a good DVD for
>>background ambience as one wonders around the house or hosts a quiet
>>cocktail hour...but don't drive in traffic with it .zzzzzzzzzzz.
>>Sorry to be a negative. I'm just being honest.
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