[Zombies] Tino Corp's Surround Sound Works DVD opinions

Brian Conner nyquist74722 at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 23 16:15:40 PDT 2007

So......did anyone else get this yet?
I have to say, I was fully expecting some ambient tracks....but not ALL! 
Man, I really could have gone for some beats. I was expecting some 
Subliminal Sandwich spacey stuff - with percussive elements though to keep 
some interest. Perhaps I haven't become seasoned enough yet to enjoy an hour 
straight of atmosphere with blips. Maybe I shouldn't have preconceived the 
content to be Meat "BEAT" Manifesto-production.
Now, I dare not criticize because there's no doubt what's on the disc is 
artistic. I have total respect for the work. I can not deny however that 
it's just not my cup of tea. That's just my personal feeling. There are 
"ambiences" on the Tino Vision DVD which are a short loop of a few minutes 
each, and the visuals fill in the void of percussive motion. The SSW 5.1 
disc has the same visual scene the entire time, which again is fine, but I 
found myself looking for "something else" once the music lost me, and there 
was nothing else. Nothing went anywhere. Maybe it's a good DVD for 
background ambience as one wonders around the house or hosts a quiet 
cocktail hour...but don't drive in traffic with it .zzzzzzzzzzz.

Sorry to be a negative. I'm just being honest.

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