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... Killjoy.
I do, so far as I can tell, understand my limits in fully  understanding 
certain things. For instance, I never truly understood just what  it was that made 
it not easy to be green. [Kermit humor--Yes/No?] I'm just  trying to rabble 
up an interest in seeing shirts represent more than the most  current album. 
The recent MBM tours focused on the fan's over all love of the  bands full 
career, so why not the merchandising. I'm not saying I need a shirt  with a TV on 
the back or an atomic "Think" logo,(as much as it truly yearn for  one ... that 
still fits me), but something that at least nods to these past eras  would be 
nice. Consumers are nostalgic creatures; we like it when something  sparks 
the interests that burned in our past. 
And just for the record, I do own one or more shirts from every album since  
96 including a Tino Corp. design, so I do invest my dollar in my words. 
Whatever  stock they have remaining is not by lack of my efforts.
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I think  some of the issues we don't realize as consumers is that shirts are 
expensive  to do, you have to get a bulk number done at a time and stock takes 
up a large  space.  T-shirts are hard to predict: how many you need to get 
for each  size, etc,... and they're heavy to lug when on tour and take up tons 
of  space.  They might not know how much interest there would be for a  reprint 
of an old shirt so they have to keep designs and availability on the  more 
conservative side.  That said, when shirts sell out, the decision to  do old 
ones probably comes up again... 

The interest isn't shown by how  many people talk about buying shirts, but 
how many people actually end up  buying shirts, so if you want more shirts to be 
avaialble, it helps to  actually buy what's still available... 

Shirts can't be sold to  distributors and stores like CDs, DVDs, and records 
can either.   

It's a tough call.

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