[Zombies] Is this legal?

Knavishas at aol.com Knavishas at aol.com
Fri Jan 12 13:30:30 PST 2007

I've noticed, through my time on this list, that the official MBM crew  takes 
notice to our gripings, wantings and concerns. If we ask for a live cd and  
dvd for long enough, well then they will provide one for us. This seems to be a 
 happy system. We get what we want and they get to see us flock around their  
offerings like pigeons to bread crumbs.
On that premise, I will say I am what I assume to still be a younger MBM  
fan, clocking in at 25 now. I became a fan ten years ago at fifteen when  
Subliminal Sandwich dropped. I bought a few of the t-shirts available in the day  and 
loved them dearly. The problem with this however is that it was 1996 and I  
was fifteen. See, in the nineties teenagers, no matter their meekness in size,  
thought they could fashionably wear extra-large shirts. Now in later and  
enlightened years, I realize this is in fact a falsehood that leaves my storage  
closet brimming with fancy, yet useless articles of rock 'n roll past.
The tie-together of this email is me asking:
Are the other zombies out there that would be interesting in not-so-subtly  
hinting to MBM-camp that they would like to see "retro" t-shirts representing  
the various albums and phases of the band's 20-year history and would the  
official MBM-entity want to market this desire?
Just a thought,
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