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Amen! My iron-on skills leave a lot to be desired! I had a couple of questions for anyone who might know:
Firstly, I've been listening to the "Fans Who are Musicians" thing a lot recently, and really getting into the "She's Unreal - Tension Mix" that my file credits to an artist called "Disco". I didn't pull up anything when I searched the web for "Disco", but I'd love to hear more. Anybody know anything about them (him, her)?
Secondly, I've about worn out the Tino Corp stuff I've got. Anybody heard anything about a new one?
Oh, and I thought of one more: Are there any copies of Eccentric Objects available anywhere? I don't have to have a signed one, or the one of a kind artwork or anything (although that would be cool) but I'd love to have a copy of that stuff, particularly on vinyl (and particularly "Fragments". Man, that one really sends me).
TIA, and I'm really excited about the new MBM. Jack, please don't stop.

 >Brian Conner <nyquist74722 at hotmail.com>wrote: 
> Agreed....so PLEASE can we have some new T-shirts! lol
> These homemade iron on's ain't cuttin it
> > 
> > Additionally, bands still make money when they tour and sell their CDs
> > and merch there.
> > 
> > Bands also make money when they listen to the fans and sell them what they want!
> > 
> > That said, it would be awesome if Jack & Co. started selling things
> > like Eccentric Objects, Sounds of the 20th Century, Archive Things,
> > and
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