[Zombies] New Album...

w.wonka0 at cox.net w.wonka0 at cox.net
Sat Dec 1 00:28:24 PST 2007

Jon Whitney ("Jon Whitney" <turbid at turbid.com>) wrote:
>More people stealing the record isn't a bad thing.  It'll bring more 
>crowds to shows. Bands don't make money off CD sales these days 
>anyhow, if you've been paying attention to all the chains closing down 
>left and right and all the bigger labels posting bigger losses than 
>last year.

Yeah, actually I've been thinking a lot about that recently. I'm of the opinion that we need to establish a new model for music releases. Its just freaking awful for an artist to spend so much time, money and effort giving birth to a body of work and then get pirated for 100s of times what they actually sell. This was just the first idea that came to my mind, but what if an artist produced a project, announced its completion to the fans, and then set a target price they wanted to receive from it. People could log on to their website and donate to the "album release fund" whatever they could afford or wanted to spend. Then, when the artist was satisfied with their receipts, they would simply release the package, music, artwork, interactives, whatever, for download, free of charge, to everybody. Unless somebody leaked the material prior to release, that would effectively eliminate piracy, and as a nice added bonus would cut the recording industry out of the equation entirely. Don't castigate me for having a stupid idea, but I think we need to start thinking for alternative models, 'cause the old one just ain't making it anymore.

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