[Zombies] Help a zombie out!

Sean Mullen sean at spanimation.com
Fri Sep 29 16:16:20 PDT 2006

Hey there fellow Zombies. So I'm a big fan of Peter Gabriel, and I record
music as a hobby. Imagine my pure, unbridled joy at hearing there was a
contest being held to remix his old 80's track, "Shock the Monkey", and that
he would be one of the judges to select the winner out of a group of twelve
finalists! So I did it and submitted my version of the song a few days ago,
and I'm trying to get as many people as possible to vote for me so that I
can hopefully get my work into Peter Gabriel's ears. If you feel like
hearing my mix and helping me out, here's all you need to do.

The direct link to where my mix lives is:


Just go there, register (it's free, and very quick and easy), add me to your
"comp top ten" which can be found under the album cover image you see when
you click the above link, and finally, go ahead and rate the track with as
many stars as you feel it deserves. Ultimately though, the finalists will be
determined by the number of people who include me in their "comp top ten"
(being rated as #1 on the list obviously being best for me), so that's the
important one.

And there are links in the "Remixer's notes" section of the page to where
you can download my mix and some others I've done to keep if you'd like.

Thanks all!


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