[Zombies] Disco

Christopher Miller cervix at electronicsubsouth.com
Sun Mar 26 03:33:44 PST 2006

On 03.22.06 2:15 PM, Jon Whitney wrote:

> I'm doing the best I can for now.  It's unclear if Chris Miller is still
> involved at the moment.  Chris?

Yes and no.  Yes I would still like to update it, but no I have not had the
time and have taken on other projects (most notably my Electronic SubSouth
venture: http://www.ElectronicSubSouth.com ).

If someone else wants to take over or do a new one altogether I have no
problem with that.  Otherwise I am still saving and compiling all of the new
discographical info everyone posts to this list and I come across through
random research.

Additionally, I encourage you to submit any new info into the
http://www.Discogs.com database.  There is a MBM section there that has a
lot of stuff not in our discography.

Christopher Miller
cervix at electronicsubsouth.com 

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