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On 03.17.06 10:51 AM, Jon Drukman wrote:

> i would say it's mostly in the classic rock/new wave genre, circa 1977-1981.
> reference points for me are led zep, queen, floyd, bowie, and of course The
> Cars.

Not too bad.  I hear the Queen and Cars influence... and some Cheap Trick
and Soundgarden action going on too.


I dig the bio:

"The first stirrings of Hot Mute were on a foggy night in late 1999 when
Bruce stumbled into San Francisco's legendary Lusty Lady peep show where
Gary was working as a janitor. Gary was forced to remove Bruce from the
premises when the latter, high on cough syrup and itcin' for love,
inappropriately serenaded an obscure Beatles song to a skittish little
dancer in an afro wig. As Gary kicked Bruce to the curb, the two got to
talking about the Beatles song and music in general, discovering a mutual
love for the Beatles, the Stones, the Stooges, Bowie and 80's Goth rock
bands like Joy Division and the Cure. A newfound friendship was celebrated
as the pair finished off the remainder of Bruce's cough syrup and went on to
make beautiful music together. The two jammed together until Gary met Darren
when both were dissed by same girl they were both trying to pick up in a
bar. Darren happened to play drums and a rock band sounds pretty shitty
without drums, so he was in. Next came Mark Pistel of Consolidated and Meat
Beat Manifesto fame who fell in love with the music of the now gestating
band after hearing them in their practice space, he would later come to
tolerate the band itself. He joined in with his amazing long unused library
of killer guitar riffs and his exceptional production skills. Now the
intrepid not so youngsters needed a name. This came in the form of Gary and
Bruce's nerdy obsession with the movie Planet of the Apes in which the lead
human female is a "Hot Mute". Many shows and recordings later Hot Mute
continues to create epic pop songs for you and yours."

Thanks (as usual) Jon.

Christopher Miller
cervix at electronicsubsouth.com

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