[Zombies] MBM remix contest, live CDs, and Tino does Tahoe!

Christopher Miller cervix at electronicsubsouth.com
Sat Mar 11 22:06:13 PST 2006

On 03.07.06 10:24 PM, Jon Whitney wrote:

> *Jack Dangers Interview and MBM Remix Contest... Meat Beat Manifesto and
> Thirsty Ear Recordings have released the remixable stems from the track
> "Wild," as heard on the album At the Center. MBM's team have split up the
> files in Session View and included a lesson file. To enter the contest, please
> send an MP3 of no more than 10 MBs to mbmremix at thirstyear.com with your full
> name included. One entry per contestant, and please send your entries in no
> later than April 15, 2006. For more info and the interview go to the Ableton
> (makers of Live) site...

Here's the link:


Christopher Miller
cervix at electronicsubsouth.com 

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