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>In a message dated 3/1/2006 11:39:45 PM Eastern Standard Time,  
jemiller at uchicago.edu >writes:It goes without saying that last night's show  was pretty 
excellent. How do 
>you go wrong with Jack Dangers and Ben  Stokes on stage? 

Honestly, I was a bit concerned that, without mark, they might have no one  
to activate the bass, but my concerns were unjustified.
OK, that was a lame joke, but it was amazing that just Jack and Ben would  
control all that audio/visual splendor.
As for the drummer, I think Lynn rocks. I hope to see him at many more  shows 
in my life.
And to address your dissapointment with the intro, you are so wrong that it  
hurts me just a little bit to even think of that thought. The Twilight Zone  
sample make perfect coincidental note that MBM now will control all that you 
see  in hear as the tour conducts the most ellaborate, yet accessable 
combination of  noises and sights that one with full visual and aural ability could ever 
hope  for. That sample is a bit slow, but only to the bennifit of the 
audience as it  forces you to slow down and listen just long enough for it to snap 
into the face  of a robot that most of us have always only wondered what it 
looked like  as it spouted out the words -- "I'm am Electro ..." -- that have 
become  such an zealously quoted sample for us. Listen to that live cd again and 
hear  the glee of the audience explode everytime we saw a line that we've 
always only  heard on our lonely record players and cd players.
And just for the the subjective opinion, any version of Original Control/I  
Am Electro rocks me harder that any other MBM could.
My only complaint, which is slight, is that there is next to no audience  
interaction with the band. It is little more that musicians looking at  
instruments with with no shifting expression. it looks more like work to them  than 
fun. I don't know. Maybe that is what it takes to pull off a show like  this, but 
I've always enjoyed the shows where the musicians and audience shared  the 
excitement with eachother the best. Ben seems to like playing with the crowd  a 
little. He looks up to laugh with us after some of the more humorous clips.  
For the shows he plays here, he waits until end of the main set and then plays  
the clip from Spinal Tap where they get lost backstage and yell "Hello  
Cleveland!" Being in Cleveland, (of course) it is really fun to know that he  sets 
this clip aside all tour just to bring us a chuckle.
That is were half the magic is at.
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