[Zombies] Re: Zombies Digest, Vol 40, Issue 3: the drummer was for real!!!! also, a magic moment....

michael herrell terreazul at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 2 14:46:59 PST 2006

hey zombie brains! yeah, lynn was drumming for real. i saw these amazing musicians last year in seattle, where i live, then the next night in portland. my boyfriend michael and I were up front and totally freakin out the whole time! amazing show. he did get all the right parts at the right time! since it was an electronic drum set it did change sounds and styles in between songs. he worked the hardest ! i got him to autograph my ticket right before the february 9th, san fransisco show got going. i had a blast once again. the all did a great job reviving all the zombies in the crowd. my favourite was, of course, "hello teenage america" and the trippy hippie girls from faster pussycat kill kill. i was toasted, drunk, and happy. it took a big chunk out of my pocket, but my boyfriend and I had a great winter vacation in san fran.we stayed after the show was over and got pictures and autographs from Ben and Jack!!! i was so nervous! they are so nice, and cute too.that was a magic moment
 in my life! three live shows from meat beat fuckin manifetso,pictures, live cd number 312, chit chat with ALL of them, and a highlight in my 25 years on earth. i AM a zombie, and im proud of it!      much peace and love to all of y'all, Jose E Martinez.
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