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Jonathan Eric Miller jemiller at uchicago.edu
Thu Mar 2 11:30:33 PST 2006

Yeah, that's what I was wondering. I was thinking that he was really is 
playing, but, it was along with drums coming out of a drum machine or 
laptop. I was thinking that maybe they needed to turn the live drums up 
some. Again, I think he did a bang up job, literally. That would definitely 
have to be tiring playing for that long. I thought the concert would have 
ended much sooner actually. I was surprised they played so many songs when 
they did the encore.

I agree about She's Unreal too. That's one of my favorites. The sound system 
for that song seemed like it just wasn't what it should be on that song 
though. I'm guessing it sounded a lot better at the Metro last year. I liked 
when they played at the House of Blues back in 98 if I remember correctly. 
They have a good sound system there too.

I don't know if any of the member of the band ever read this list, or, if 
someone can pass this along, but, I just wanted to say thanks to the band 
for coming out. It was a great show and I hope that the band starts touring 
on a more regular schedule. I was getting quite depressed for several years 
there when they were only playing in SF.


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> Yeah, Dalek hasn't shown much from what I've heard myself and from others.
> The highlights for me were like, everything from She's Unreal on.  The 
> song
> right after She's Unreal with the reggae rapping that started with the
> zombie sample was amazing.  And actually, Lynn (the drummer) is playing 
> the
> whole time for real.  The problem, imo, is that they have his level down 
> too
> low in the mix.  Like, things had to be real quiet for you to hear the 
> "high
> hat" parts n such.  But he still does add an energy to the show, which is
> nice.  And he certainly works his butt off.  He even spent some time 
> trying
> to get the idiot standing in front of me to let go of the projector stand.
> Obviously the idiot doesn't understand anything unless some huge guy comes
> over and gets in his face and makes him leave.  People are funny.
> Silks

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