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Mike Wennmacher silksmd at insightbb.com
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Yeah, Dalek hasn't shown much from what I've heard myself and from others.

The highlights for me were like, everything from She's Unreal on.  The song 
right after She's Unreal with the reggae rapping that started with the 
zombie sample was amazing.  And actually, Lynn (the drummer) is playing the 
whole time for real.  The problem, imo, is that they have his level down too 
low in the mix.  Like, things had to be real quiet for you to hear the "high 
hat" parts n such.  But he still does add an energy to the show, which is 
nice.  And he certainly works his butt off.  He even spent some time trying 
to get the idiot standing in front of me to let go of the projector stand. 
Obviously the idiot doesn't understand anything unless some huge guy comes 
over and gets in his face and makes him leave.  People are funny.


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I thought I read somewhere how Metro was going to start recording shows and
selling CDs. Maybe I'm just dreaming. I'm wondering if maybe this is how the
CD came about...

It goes without saying that last night's show was pretty excellent. How do
you go wrong with Jack Dangers and Ben Stokes on stage? The highlights for
me were the songs that had vocals. God O.D. in particular. I also liked the
music that they were playing towards the end and House of God was of course
good. I forget what he said, but, I was wondering if they were kind of
improving some of the later songs. I thought the intro could have been a
little better. It seemed like it got off to a little bit of a slow start
starting off with I Am Electro. Not that there's anything wrong with that
song, but, being a fan of STS, maybe I just expected something more upbeat
to get things going.

Was it just me, or was the guy on drums not really playing? I'm guessing he
was just there for stage presence and the drums weren't live. He did a great
job though. They played for at least an hour and half. His arms had to be
getting tired by the end.

As for the sound system, Jack was able to coax bass out of it that I wasn't
sure even he could do. The Abbey's sound system isn't bad, but, I never
thought it was that great either. The bass was much appreciated after all
the high end treble crap noise that Dalek was playing.

As for Dalek, they pretty much suck as far as I'm concerned. Rap vocals that
all sounded the same over noise that all sounded the same. Thank god for ear
plugs. I liked the part at the end where he told the crowd to fuck off
though. That part was pretty good. I'm sure that will win him a lot of new


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> You're absolutely right Jon.  I'm ecstatic to have this disc in VERY HEAVY
> rotation in my car and at work!  I need to put the 'phones on and meditate
> to it this evening.
> ~Eric
> www.seamonkeymusic.com
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>> i'm listening today at work and it's a really fucking fantastic recording
>> - sounds so good in headphones.
>> i only wish the whole set was included as there's so many other songs
>> that
>> couldn't have fit on one CD...
>> jonwhitney
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