[Zombies] NIN or Ministry?

Mike Wennmacher silksmd at insightbb.com
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Well, I got lucky.  They must've released more tickets for the Sunday Ministry show, so I'm going to both now!  WOOHOO.  I know what you're all saying about the Ministry and NIN shows.  The only thing that bugged me a lot was that Al is gonna be 47 this year... who knows how much longer he wants to keep doing these tours - he's been doing a ton the last few years.  That was a big concern.  But hey... doesn't matter now.  (btw, I did decide on NIN before I found out about the newly available Ministry tix)  Thanks for everyone's input.  It's funny how hard of a decision this was haha.  Laterz

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  Ministry put on great, but similar shows both time I saw them where at NIN but on unique and thoroughly enjoyable shows the three times I saw them. I do regret having to miss RevCo this time around but I can't imagine seeing them perform old songs with a new line-up being all that fulfilling. I vote NIN. They are the only band I ever felt I got my money's worth for when I had to lay down $40+ on a ticket.

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    if you've never seen NIN live before, definitely go with that.  their 
    live show is damn impressive.  i've seen ministry twice, revco once, and 
    nin twice, and, given the choice, i would pick NIN again in a heartbeat.



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