[Zombies] NIN or Ministry?

Mike Wennmacher silksmd at insightbb.com
Mon Jun 26 21:29:10 PDT 2006

Okay, so because of certain circumstances and my procrastination, I have to 
decide whether or not I want to see Ministry/Revco this Saturday at the 
Chicago House of Blues, OR see NIN in Tinley Park the same night (the sunday 
7/2 Ministry show is SOLD-OUT, probably cuz of NIN on saturday.  else i'd be 
going to both shows).  Now, I've seen Ministry many times now (Imma guess 
+4), and I've never seen NIN live.  However, Ministry is going to be playing 
like 5 or 6 old Revco songs.... and... I don't like much NIN after Downward 
Spiral (trent sorta ran out of ideas), although most of NIN's set is older 
material.  Help me decide!!!!  WWZD


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