[Zombies] Jack track in A Scanner Darkly -Keanu Reeves movie

Mighty Mighty at destroyer.net
Mon Jun 19 13:49:42 PDT 2006

The technique is called rotoscoping for anyone that's interested in it.



On 6/19/06 12:45 PM, "Jon Drukman" <jsd at cluttered.com> wrote:

> Brian Conner wrote:
>> The film has this certain "cartoony-ish" look where the source footage
>> is "painted" over. That's the best I can describe for now...you've
>> seen it before. I think the artist had a feature at Resfest, there was
>> this Indian man interview done completely like that, but it was
>> everchanging, getting wacked out of proportion, color, b/w then
>> different, etc... It looks pretty damn entertaining.
> The same technique was used on Waking Life, also directed by Richard
> Linklater.  Personally I thought Waking Life was a load of crap.  "A
> Scanner Darkly" is one of my very favorite novels by one of my very
> favorite novelists so they better not have fucked it over too badly!
> -jsd-
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