[Zombies] Jack track in A Scanner Darkly -Keanu Reeves movie

Brian Conner nyquist74722 at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 16 10:38:39 PDT 2006

Darkly Mix _ Jack Dangers

No preview on Amazon.com, but this MySpace page has it...

First scroll down and watch the trailer towards the bottom of the page...it 
autoplays, so you'd be hearing lots of dialogue over the music if you play 
Darkly Mix in the player (like I was) then realized the clip was playing 
below (it didn't sound mixed like Jack would mix samples so I knew something 
was up.)

The film has this certain "cartoony-ish" look where the source footage is 
"painted" over. That's the best I can describe for now...you've seen it 
before. I think the artist had a feature at Resfest, there was this Indian 
man interview done completely like that, but it was everchanging, getting 
wacked out of proportion, color, b/w then different, etc... It looks pretty 
damn entertaining.
You could always get the trailer from Apple.com and watch it full screen, HD 
(nice on a Cinema Display)
Spooky track by Jack...I'm happy for today!

More on the flick-


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