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Pavel Lishin pavel_lishin at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 17 19:36:05 PDT 2006


"Often without speaking to or even acknowledging the audience, sometimes playing in darkness, the band would assault the attendees aurally with four channels of sound placed throughout the venue. This allowed the band the opportunity to "swim" the sound in a circular pattern which, when combined with the visual stimuli would occasionally evoke nausea from those in attendance."

A show that kicks so much ass that it literally makes you nauseous? God, why are so many bands I want to see broken up. :(

Oh well, at least I got to see MBM live. Not all is lost!


Brian Conner <nyquist74722 at hotmail.com> wrote: My question is this...
Don't you think it would be the inevitable future to present a show in true
surround sound? Of course as an audio guy I could talk for days about the
hows and whys...but think of it.
You're sittin in B.B. Kings (or your local venue), and the mix is presented
in 5.1 true discrete channel surround format....(drop jaw here)
Blips from over there, beeps from over here, beats and clicks from over
there....Ambient textures floating all around you clockwise...CRAZY.

I can't wait anymore. Please Jack! Immerse us in the phenomenon. Mix it live
and send shit flying around the room!

Ok..that's my offering from this enlightened state of mind for now.

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