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Tino, MBM, NIN, Ministry, RevCo.....John Corrigan, Michael Reznor,  Alain Jourgensen.....does it really matter what someone calls their  musical endeavors?  If you liked what someone created in 1986 -  then you liked it.  If you like what that exact same person is  creating in 2006 - then you like it.  I don't see why the name  they give themselves matters.  If Jack called his group something  other than Meat Beat Manifesto in the beginning - would you have liked Storm the Studio any more or any less?
  Music is the answer!

w.wonka0 at cox.net wrote:Well,  firstly, since both shows are over, which did you prefer? Secondly, to  weigh in on the whole "they're not the same band" debate, I've gotta'  agree that no band is ever quite the same as when you discovered them.  the real key is whether or not your tastes mature in the same way that  the artists have (I'd love to see a Consolidated reunion!). I dig the  way Jack has changed, and my favorites kinda' span the whole catalogue.  Oh, and one more observation... I saw NIN's first tour, and again in  '93, and I saw Ministry probably ten times between '89 and '95, and I  always preferred Al's shows because the intensity was so great and the  pits were strong. Trent's shows kinda' seemed like Skinny Puppy, only  not as dramatic.
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