[Zombies] NIN or Ministry?

Knavishas at aol.com Knavishas at aol.com
Sun Jul 2 20:40:45 PDT 2006

you don't happen to be in the business of printing all those little  
"containing members of ..." stickers they put on the jackets of side projects do  you?
In a message dated 7/2/2006 12:10:50 A.M. Eastern Standard Time,  
jemiller at uchicago.edu writes:

>From my  perspective, Revolting Cocks ended after Big Sexy Land, Ministry 
ended  after Twitch, and Meat Beat Manifesto ended after Storm the Studio. 
;-)  There should be some kind of rule that once a certain percentage of  
members in a band change that a name change is required.  ;-)


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