[Zombies] NIN or Ministry?

Jon Miller jemiller at uchicago.edu
Sun Jul 2 00:10:14 PDT 2006

>From my perspective, Revolting Cocks ended after Big Sexy Land, Ministry 
ended after Twitch, and Meat Beat Manifesto ended after Storm the Studio. 
;-) There should be some kind of rule that once a certain percentage of 
members in a band change that a name change is required. ;-)


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> As far as I last read, and adding to my decision that missing the show 
> would
> be OK, Jello and Gibby both would not be performing with the new line up. 
> As
> a plus, I heard that Luc Van Acker would be playing, but he just never 
> seemed
> to play as memorable a role as Chris Connelly or Paul Barker.
> As for the "this is not my RevCo ..." bit, I would agree it's  really not
> mine either, but I support Al's decision to bring back one of  his old 
> vessels to
> play and build on. Each release of RevCo's was different in  sound and
> line-up so why not this one? We've had this same argument about  whether 
> Jack is
> still really making music for MBM or if he is just making  something else 
> and
> using the old name we know and will buy. The fact is that as  fans we 
> don't like
> it when musicians we like change faces. We like and buy  familiarity. I 
> also
> believe it is not fair to try to compare current music of  musicians to 
> their
> work from fifteen years ago, (or more). For one, no album  will ever mean 
> the
> same thing as those first few you picked up while wrapped in  the 
> peculiarity
> of your high school angst. Also, that sound can only be fresh  once, the 
> music
> will have to change and so will your taste as you pass time  along with 
> the
> band. Whether or not it is really RevCo doesn't actually matter  though.
> The only real question is can you enjoy it?
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> Is Jello  going to be at the Ministry show? I don't understand why the new
> Revco is  even called that. If it sounds nothing like the original, they
> should have  just called it something else.


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