[Zombies] NIN or Ministry?

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As far as I last read, and adding to my decision that missing the show  would 
be OK, Jello and Gibby both would not be performing with the new line up.  As 
a plus, I heard that Luc Van Acker would be playing, but he just never seemed 
 to play as memorable a role as Chris Connelly or Paul Barker. 
As for the "this is not my RevCo ..." bit, I would agree it's  really not 
mine either, but I support Al's decision to bring back one of  his old vessels to 
play and build on. Each release of RevCo's was different in  sound and 
line-up so why not this one? We've had this same argument about  whether Jack is 
still really making music for MBM or if he is just making  something else and 
using the old name we know and will buy. The fact is that as  fans we don't like 
it when musicians we like change faces. We like and buy  familiarity. I also 
believe it is not fair to try to compare current music of  musicians to their 
work from fifteen years ago, (or more). For one, no album  will ever mean the 
same thing as those first few you picked up while wrapped in  the peculiarity 
of your high school angst. Also, that sound can only be fresh  once, the music 
will have to change and so will your taste as you pass time  along with the 
band. Whether or not it is really RevCo doesn't actually matter  though.
The only real question is can you enjoy it?
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Is Jello  going to be at the Ministry show? I don't understand why the new 
Revco is  even called that. If it sounds nothing like the original, they 
should have  just called it something else.

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