[Zombies] NIN or Ministry?

Mike Wennmacher silksmd at insightbb.com
Sat Jul 1 01:28:28 PDT 2006

I don't know about Jello.  I know he's going to be in town like, a week from 
now or something.  Maybe he will show.
And yeah, I totally dig ya about the new Revco.  There's maybe 3 songs that 
could even come close to sounding like the original group.  It's definitely 
more Ministry-esque, which is fine... but not for people who were really 
hyped about hearing some new industrial funk grooves from them (I'm sure 
Paul B. gone has a lot to do with it).  I know there was talk of a big 
festival concert from Al long ago, bringing back Revco live, among other 
things.  I think since that didn't pan out, after he got a few people 
together, they just threw together an album instead.  I mean, that Prunetang 
track on the new record was done back in 2004 (I had the mp3 on my pc 2 
years ago).  So who knows... but Al should've definitely released it under a 
different moniker.
I think Al is trying to push too much material the last few years anyway. 
He needs to slow down.  I know he's off the fun sauce now and feeling alive 
and coherent, but that's no reason to put out music that, compared to 
Ministry 85-92, seems rather bland.  I mean, even Filth Pig, after all these 
years, can definitely be appreciated.  If you listen to anything he's done 
in the 2000's though, the albums just aren't strong all the way through 
anymore.  They have a few good songs scattered (ie Leper), but TOO MUCH 
focus on speed metal guitars is taking the life out of the music.  And some 
of the engineering is questionable (probably cuz of his loss of high 
frequency hearing).  Okay,  I'm done ranting haha.


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Is Jello going to be at the Ministry show? I don't understand why the new
Revco is even called that. If it sounds nothing like the original, they
should have just called it something else.


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Well, I got lucky.  They must've released more tickets for the Sunday
Ministry show, so I'm going to both now!  WOOHOO.  I know what you're all
saying about the Ministry and NIN shows.  The only thing that bugged me a
lot was that Al is gonna be 47 this year... who knows how much longer he
wants to keep doing these tours - he's been doing a ton the last few years.
That was a big concern.  But hey... doesn't matter now.  (btw, I did decide
on NIN before I found out about the newly available Ministry tix)  Thanks
for everyone's input.  It's funny how hard of a decision this was haha.

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  Ministry put on great, but similar shows both time I saw them where at NIN
but on unique and thoroughly enjoyable shows the three times I saw them. I
do regret having to miss RevCo this time around but I can't imagine seeing
them perform old songs with a new line-up being all that fulfilling. I vote
NIN. They are the only band I ever felt I got my money's worth for when I
had to lay down $40+ on a ticket.

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jsd at cluttered.com writes:
    if you've never seen NIN live before, definitely go with that.  their
    live show is damn impressive.  i've seen ministry twice, revco once, and
    nin twice, and, given the choice, i would pick NIN again in a heartbeat.



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