[Zombies] what happened to

Jon Drukman jsd at cluttered.com
Thu Jan 19 07:20:38 PST 2006

Jon Whitney wrote:

>the right -one-?
>there's no way a new label should ever go with an exclusive distributor
>you need to use a number of distributors in this music climate...

one of them will do the primary P&D and the others will buy from the 
primary.  like right now my latest track (bass kittens vs volum - big 
bang broadband... plug plug plug) is out on spacebar sentiments, which 
is P&D'd by Veto, but if you look at other distributors, like Pure 
Plastic, you'll see they list it as a new release on one of "their" 
labels.  so yes, i will ultimately end up at multiple distributors, but 
i will be dealing with just one, and they will sell to the others on my 


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