[Zombies] what happened to

Jon Drukman jsd at cluttered.com
Wed Jan 18 12:12:32 PST 2006

Digital::Nimbus wrote:
> » the JD's?!!!
> Good question. I guess it all really has to do with
> getting the collaborative tracks signed to a label
> for release.. not sure if that is in process or not.
> Mr. Drukman?

i kinda wanted to put it out on my own label (pretension records) but we 
didn't have a distributor.  now we have 3 fighting over us (it never 
rains...) and i'm just in the process of figuring out who's the right 
one to go with.  once we get it sorted there are 3 or 4 releases we want 
to put out first, to sort of re-establish ourselves.

we also want to figure out some sort of online distribution deal so you 
could buy it at iTunes or whatever.

that's the long way of saying "no idea"...


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