[Zombies] DVD Other?

josefrosario at juno.com josefrosario at juno.com
Sat Jan 7 00:43:15 PST 2006

ha.  I respect the dead actually.  : )   I do have the Single with the v=
ersion that ended up in a shorter form for their video, that also comes =
with Wall to Wall and Give Your Body it's Freedom...just that remix...ne=
ver heard and wondered how it differed or not from the regular single ve=
rsion vs. STS album version...  Good job on the find! =

-- Jon Drukman <jsd at cluttered.com> wrote:
josefrosario at juno.com wrote:

>Please note: message attached
>I'd be interested in buying...I'd also be interested if anyone had a co=
py of the way long, gone, deleted, Strap Down (Sound Defense Policy Remi=
xes)on CD

i have the strapdown SDP CD single.  you can have it when you pry it =

from my cold dead hands!!


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