[Zombies] Any live CDs left?

Jonathan Eric Miller jemiller at uchicago.edu
Mon Feb 27 14:38:32 PST 2006

Awesome. I missed the last set of shows. When I heard that they had 
recordings from them, I knew I wanted one, but, I figured that I might not 
be able to get one since Chicago is the last stop on the tour.

I'm looking forward to the show tomorrow night. Any other Zombies from the 
Chicago area going to be there?


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> No worries - There will definitely be CDs for sale in Chicago.
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>>On 02.24.06 4:59 PM, Jonathan Eric Miller wrote:
>>> I'm planning on going to the Chicago show and I'm planning on buying one
> of
>>> the live CDs if there are any left. Anyone know what the chances of that
> will
>>> be?
>>I'm really doubting they will be all gone by the end of the tour.  The two
>>shows I attended this past week didn't seem to have a large amount of
>>buyers.  I would bet that there will be plenty left.
>>Oh, and they are $20 apiece.  Be patient... screw eBay profiteers and buy
>>them directly from the band.
>>Christopher Miller
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