[Zombies] Any live CDs left?

Peter Wright peter.j.wright at verizon.net
Sat Feb 25 21:24:37 PST 2006

No worries - There will definitely be CDs for sale in Chicago.


>From: Christopher Miller <cervix at electronicsubsouth.com>
>Date: Sat Feb 25 20:32:44 CST 2006
>To: zombies at hollyfeld.org
>Subject: Re: [Zombies] Any live CDs left?

>On 02.24.06 4:59 PM, Jonathan Eric Miller wrote:
>> I'm planning on going to the Chicago show and I'm planning on buying one 
>> the live CDs if there are any left. Anyone know what the chances of that 
>> be?
>I'm really doubting they will be all gone by the end of the tour.  The two
>shows I attended this past week didn't seem to have a large amount of
>buyers.  I would bet that there will be plenty left.
>Oh, and they are $20 apiece.  Be patient... screw eBay profiteers and buy
>them directly from the band.
>Christopher Miller
>cervix at electronicsubsouth.com 
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