[Zombies] Concert questions

srschirm at coastal.edu srschirm at coastal.edu
Mon Feb 20 01:19:22 PST 2006

Hey everyone.  I enjoy reading everyone's posts.  Thursday will be my first time
seeing MBM.  Therefore, I have a few questions.  How did everyone get to meet
them?  Is there some special pass we have to have, or did you wait for them to
leave, or what?  I hope I'm fortunate enough to have this opportunity.

The second query I have is picture-taking.  I don't want my camera to get
confiscated...I'm wondering if it's even worth it to bring one (esp. something
nice like a digital or non-disposable film camera).  Thank you for your help,
and I hope everyone has had/will have a wonderful time at the gigs!

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