[Zombies] Dallas Show - I 2nd Felicia's emotion

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Sun Feb 19 16:36:47 PST 2006

Fellow Zombies,
Whilst I hadn't the camera that Felicia had, I still had the greatest MBM experience... like Jack told me before-hand, "I think you're really going to like the show."
Ben's video mixing is the coolest thing since I discovered my pp... notably:
-Mariah Carey's guest appearance on "I Am Electro"
-Falling people and more falling people
-Head explodes, comes back together, explodes...back...eeeexplllooodee...baaack
-Harrison Ford incites the crowd to "Get Down"
-Tino and Animal en accion! (I guess that's how you spell it).
I kept my earplugs in for Dalek and pulled them out for Meat Beat.  Didn't bother me in the least... from the sounds of it, the Dallas show may have been the most sonically pleasing out of them all so far... sound was purrrrrfect.

Thx for sharing the stage pics, Felicia.  I have a few posted to my parody website, http://www.seamonkeymusic.com/pics.aspx but you'll have to Select Gallery called Rock Life.  All's I got are some nice backstage pics w/ Jack, Lynn and Ben.  These are the coolest guys... make sure to support the rest of the tour!
While your on my site feel free to download my mp3s... I gave Jack a CD and he really seemed to get a kick out of it... hope he likes the parody songs *blushes*!

~Eric (Seamonkey)
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