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felicia flicka_23 at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 19 12:40:13 PST 2006

at this point it should go without saying that the meat beat shows are  nothing short of amazing, but i will go ahead and say it:
    (the austin and houston shows we saw) were nothing short of amazing!
    the austin show sold out and had a vibe so thick you could cut it with a knife!
  people dancing, shouting and head nodding all around. as other  reviewers have mentioned with other shows, highlights were radio  babylon, genocide, nuclear bomb, helter skelter, etc. this show will  remain as memorable as  the first time i saw MBM in 91, which is an all time "any concert, any  band"  favorite. 
   the houston show, although arguably not as  jumpin', was still fantastic. the bass seemed to be twice as powerful  as the austin show, which made me wonder how people  in the audience  without earplugs were coping. admittedly, i removed my earplugs for one  track (how often do you get to hear helter skelter on a massive  system??) and after one minute my left ear started aching. 
    the crowd was peppered with a few head nodders and a few people  actually dancing, but in the end, the audience showed their  appreciation with great applause.
   [my only gripe with the  whole experience was at the houston show. right before meat beat took  stage,  one of the bouncers wasn't going to allow me re-entry for  having a "high powered camera" ( i have a nikon coolpix 5700 - a far  cry from what i would deem as "high powered"). after a bunch of back  and forth and convincing him that i had a mediocre camera ("i promise  you, my camera takes really crappy concert pictures!"), he let me in.  all is forgiven now, but it really had me relieved i didn't try  bringing in my fish eye lens]
    all in all, a wonderful time that made me once again reaffirm my love  and appreciation for meat beat manifesto's innovative music. it was  worth the 7+ year wait, but i truely hope we don't have to wait another  7 to see them tour again.
    here is a link to some of the pictures i took at both shows.
  cheers! felicia
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