[Zombies] MBM in SF

josefrosario at juno.com josefrosario at juno.com
Tue Feb 14 15:20:40 PST 2006

Oh yeah, gotta love some decay.  Well, Denver was toasted, nicely toaste=
d.  Dalek was impressive for the first 3 songs, but then, for me anyway,=
 kind of aged rapidly.  The Merzbow meets Chuck D. thing can't really ev=
olve much I s'pose, but nevertheless, the lyrics could make some think..=
.that is if they could hear em'.  My opines though.  As for Jack and Ben=
, always a treat.  I think all the newbie and/or recovering goth/industr=
ial/ebm afficionados always get blown away when rather than being Mr. Re=
znor's Godfather, they end up finding out through Jack & co. just what J=
ames Brown meant when he said "get up offa that thing, dance till you fe=
el betta!"...very good...highlights were (warning: could be spoily!) Hel=
lo Teenage America, Helter Skelter, and of course the morphy-breakfast k=
nown as Nuclear Bomb.  Love it how MBM just can't leave a track (or a mi=
nd for that matter) the same!

-- Jon Whitney <turbid at turbid.com> wrote:
On Mon, 13 Feb 2006, Jon Drukman wrote:

> that impressive considering that the natural process of aging will eat=

> away at your hearing all on its own.

that's debatable..

i think my grandparents could hear each other fine but didn't want to pa=
attention any more!


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