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yeah, i was there, and agree with jon's assessment of both, though since i have aquired a little bit of a hearing loss over the years, i guess it really didn't bother me, though as i said, dalek's sounded a little overdriven, but i enjoyed them nonetheless..  and of course, never had a negative (a/v or otherwise) experience with an mbm/tinocorp show aside from the area 51 debacle from 2001, which i thought was screwy for the city/fire dept to revoke the permit at the last minute(never made it in, but was given refund from cathy, which i thought was classy; for all of you who may not know, she is on kusf 90.3 from 3-6 pm on mondays for those not in area to listen online, she has a real eclectic set).. overall, a great show, 'nuclear bomb' stood out for me, and the live cd is superb..

rich stone

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>Mike Wennmacher wrote:
>>Well, is Jack and crew in charge of the sound at all the shows?  Maybe you 
>>just had some retarded engineer.  I hate when shows are too loud.  It ruins 
>>it. (the last chicago show got slightly loud at times, but was fairly well 
>SF was incredibly loud.  I had earplugs in and my ears were STILL 
>ringing when I got home.  However, it was very well defined loudness.  
>Big contrast to Dalek, who were painfully loud, and the sound was just 
>an indistinct mush.
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