[Zombies] MBM in SF

Tomas Diablo tomas at tomasdiablo.com
Fri Feb 10 11:39:53 PST 2006

Meat Beat Manifesto spilled my drink last night.

My beverage managed to move almost 2 feet - beat by bass-thumping beat 
- until it fell off the table!  In talking to the bartenders, I learned 
that they had to constantly keep an eye on the rows of stacked glasses, 
for fear that they'd all come crashing down.  My advice to those going 
to see MBM... bring ear plugs (although many venues will give you some 
at the coat check if you ask) because Jack and crew like it LOUD.  Oh 
yeah... and don't let your drink walk away from you.

It was an absolutely amazing show.  Some high points of the evening 
(warning - spoiler alert): Nuclear Bomb, Radio Babylon, Edge of No 
Control, Helter Skelter, Hello Teenage America, DHS' Telephone Sounds 
and House of God.   They also did one piece that that all video clips 
of drumming that was just amazing - it even had Animal from the Muppet 
Show!  Hot!  And the funniest moment of the night: mid-song, Jack looks 
up and suddenly realizes that he's on the big screen.  His eyes bug 
out, his mouth flies open, and he ducks away like a frightened child.  
I laughed for a couple of minutes from that, which of course just added 
to the glee and euphoria of the evening.

I've posted my setlist from DJing the MBM show in San Francisco - it's 
also got a few photos I snapped from the booth as well as the evening's 

It's at: http://www.tomasdiablo.com/setlists/020906Set.html

One more time... earplugs, people.

- Tomas

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