[Zombies] MBM needs your help-please!

Tomas Diablo tomas at tomasdiablo.com
Mon Feb 6 17:08:15 PST 2006

Here in SF, I run a dark electro club called 'Strangelove'.  Last month 
I did a Jack Dangers tribute night to show support for one of my 
favorite artists as well as to help spread the word about the concert.  
I've heard from the venue that ticket sales jumped after that event.

You don't have to convince a local club to do a MBM theme, but if you 
could get an appropriate club to give away tickets to the show, that 
would be a great avenue for promotion.  Get someone at the club to 
contact the venue, or you can be the middle man by: contacting an 
appropriate nightclub, and see if they would be interested in giving 
away tickets to the concert.  Then contact the venue, tell them that 
you're trying to get the word out, and see if they would be willing to 
donate one or two pairs of tickets (or just slots on the guest list) to 
be given away at that club.  If they're game, then contact the club 
again and give them the appropriate contact info at the venue.  Oh 
yeah, and make sure to put flyers out at that nightclub, so that those 
who don't win the tickets can still take home info reminding them to 
buy tickets.

Getting the date added to local/college radio event calendars is really 
important, as is requesting to hear MBM, as it gives the DJ the chance 
to mention the event again on the air.

...my 2 cents worth.

On Monday, February 6, 2006, at 04:25 PM, Meat Beat Manifesto wrote:

> Since Chris started the conversation about promotion, I am reaching 
> out for your help to promote the upcoming shows. The band needs all 
> the help it can get! Chris has it right, there is not a label behind 
> this tour and it is difficult to get the word out. Following are a few 
> things that we are doing in the Bay area:
> 1.	Posting details on local event websites and on craigslist
> 2.	Getting fliers/posters at the local venue and distributing
> 3.	Contacting friends that work at local publications or radio 
> stations and organizing interviews or asking their help promoting the 
> shows
> 4.	Sending messages to your entire address book
> 5.	Calling local radio and request tracks
> 6.	Posting messages in relevant forums and news groups
> 7.	Sending messages to all your friends at MySpace or Friends
> If it is OK with everyone, we can use the Zombies list to share 
> promotions that have been successful.
> As always, thanks for your help!!!!!!! See you in SF, LA and NYC.
> Ellen
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