[Zombies] MBM needs your help-please!

Meat Beat Manifesto god_od2002 at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 6 16:25:18 PST 2006

Since Chris started the conversation  about promotion, I am reaching out for your help to promote the  upcoming shows. The band needs all the help it can get! Chris has it  right, there is not a label behind this tour and it is difficult to get  the word out. Following are a few things that we are doing in the Bay  area:
   Posting details on local  event websites and on craigslist    
   Getting fliers/posters at the local venue and distributing    
   Contacting  friends that work at local publications or radio stations and  organizing interviews or asking their help promoting the shows    
   Sending messages to  your entire address book     
   Calling local radio  and request tracks    
   Posting messages in  relevant forums and news groups    
   Sending messages to  all your friends at MySpace or Friends  
                              If it is OK with everyone, we can use the Zombies list to share promotions that have been successful.
              As always, thanks for your help!!!!!!! See you in SF, LA and NYC.

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