[Zombies] Upcoming Releases?

Levi Just quiller1 at email.com
Thu Aug 17 10:29:00 PDT 2006

Hi there fellow zombies,

Just wondering if anyone on the list has any new info on some of the new Jack/MBM/Tino releases I've heard are coming soon; release dates?  still in development?:

Tino Corp. Surround Sound Works audio DVD?

unreleased Jack Dangers studio album from 1981?

2 CD compilation on Important Records of released and unreleased Perennial Divide stuff?

new MBM album with Jack back on vocals?

Any info would be appreciated.

I've also learned that Thirsty Ear is releasing 'The Blues Series Sampler:  The 30th Year' on Sept. 26th, which I believe will include cuts from 'At the Center'.  They've also announced the winner of that Ableton Live Remix Contest, although I haven't found the winning mp3 on the site yet.



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