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Heh heh... I know I was being silly before, but I echo you guys... it was cloud 9 for me as well and I cannot stop rocking this Live disc!!!  So yes, all sillyness aside, thanks Jack from me as well!!!  And let's not forget Ben and Lynn (I didn't get no Pistel in Dallas).
Conrad, you say you've been a fan for over 1/2 your life and it got me to thinking it really HAS been 1/2 of my life grooving on Meat-y Beats and Manifestations.  That just struck me as incredible... 18 years since I bought my 1st MBM God OD 12"!!
Here's to 18 more....

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  Thank you, JACK, for everything.  The music, the words, the philosophies.  I have been a huge fan for over half of my life and you have been an enormous influence in the most positive way.

  Thanks again, Jack!!

  Topher <topher at france-techno.fr> wrote:

    After coming out of the MBM show last September in London, I took the 
    bus home and a fight broke out between some teenagers.
    One of them threw a beer bottle at his "friend", missed him, I 
    protected my head with my hands and the bottle bounced on the back of 
    my hand.
    I was so ecstatic from the show that I just smiled at the guy. He 
    probably thought I was a psycho rejoicing at the thought of strangling 
    him and he ran off the bus.
    Some people asked me if I was okay, and I had a big smile, saying "I'm 
    fine, I'm fine". They were more pissed off about him than I was !
    I was still thinking of Helter Skelter and the visual fest I had just 
    been attending. ...And no, I wasn't on drugs.

    So I suppose I understand the whole "Thanks, Jack" thing...

    That's just the post-MBM show effect ! :)


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